LIT 150

More Like a Ferris Wheel

According to Katherine, life is less like a roller coaster and more like a ferris wheel. Sure, you feel like you’re getting somewhere: rolling smooth from the top, rising and falling over wooden hills. The truth? The truth is we’re born into circumstance. We rise and fall around a fixed point. Our potential, our reach, the size of our wheel, blossoms out of our limitations.

We rise over skylines, then drop and watch anonymous faces. We shout at our friends. We wave. We con our way around a second and third time. We sneak corndogs onboard. We plot who we will trap with us the next time we ride.

This makes sense to me. The first ferris wheel, after all, was America’s response to the Eiffel Tower. How does someone try to top a French masterwork of metal?

Simple: you add people.